About English Cream Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers originated in Europe in the early 1800’s when Lord Tweedmouth bred 2 dogs (a Yellow Retriever and the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel). The result were 4 light colored puppies who became the foundation Goldens of all Golden Retrievers in existence today. Later on, cross-breeding integrated the Irish Setter, the Saint John’s Water Dog of Newfoundland, and the Tweed Water Spaniel to create the Golden Retriever we recognize today.


The English began breeding the lightest of their Golden Retrievers and after many decades of select breeding this beautiful animal evolved into the “English Cream Golden Retriever”. Although the English Goldens have the same wonderful personality that American Goldens have, there are several significant differences between the breeds. The English Cream Golden Retrievers are renowned for:

  • Their beautiful creamy white silky-soft coat
  • The English Golden does NOT carry the Lymphoma Cancer Gene that has plagued Golden Retrievers for years
  • English Golden Retrievers are healthier and tend to live longer  than the American Golden Retriever
  • The Breed Standards for American Kennel Club and The English Kennel Clubs do differ with the English Retriever being of a blockier build

You may hear an English Cream Golden Retriever referred to as:  European Cream, Platinum, White Golden Retrievers, or White Retrievers. The Golden Retriever has long been known for its loving, calm, and wonderful personality that has always made them a first choice as a family dog. This holds true for the English Cream Golden Retrievers as well. They have become one of the most sought after dogs in the world.