About Paw Prints Of Angels

In 1986, we bought our first Golden Retrievers as family dogs, Savannah and Blaze.  We started breeding and named her Savannah.  She was so loving and sweet with our 4 year old daughter, we acquired a beautiful stocky male named Blaze.  Savannah had the typical loving, kind nature while Blaze was a teaser and a cut up.  Because our first daughter was young we decided to have a wedding ceremony for them before we let them breed.  Savannah and Blaze had 4 very nice litters of beautiful puppies over the next decade.

We sold two of our puppies to a local friend who started breeding after her husband passed away.  She gradually phased her breeds into the English Cream lines and has been very successful at breeding.  She even won the AKC Breeder Award in 2010.  In 2001, we bought an English Cream from her.  We take great care of our puppies.  They are born in a whelping pool and at four weeks they are gradually weaned from their mother and moved to a raised floor puppy kennel with plenty of room to romp and play and eat and sleep.